Applying the art of agile across organisational boundaries.



Zia Malik - Agile Coach and Trainer

I am an Agile Coach and Trainer focused on transforming organisations with the sensible application of Agile and Lean principles to deliver quality and value to your business.

It is my personal goal to realise value for the organisation by focusing on business development, engineering practices, quality and harmonising the end to end release process to ensure a positive flow from vision to value. 

I have developed, coached and mentored multiple organisations, delivery teams and individuals focusing on transitioning to Agile and transformation work with under-performing projects. I have extensive experience in broadcasting, media, insurance, commercial property, mobile, retail, government, oil and gas sectors.

With an established foundation of knowledge and over 10 years experience in a variety of organisations, I provide great advice on applying  Agile and Lean principles, tools and techniques across all aspects of your business.


Focus on Coaching

Ensuring your organisation is working to the best of its ability, focusing on what matters and having a complete understanding on delivering value to the business. At DMZEN coaching organisations and teams is not directive, we empower individuals and teams across the organisation to take ownership, learn and grow ensuring great behaviours permeate across the business.

Focus on Training 

Where your organisation requires teams to be trained in key agile practices, DMZEN can provide collaborative team building and exercised based learning to promote communication, team collaboration and complete focus across the business on delivering value and quality software as often and early as possible. We offer  certified (CSM) and non-certified Scrum training. 

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) 2 day training course

The ScrumMaster Certification is a 2-day course introducing the concepts and principles of the Scrum framework. Attendees will learn the essentials of Scrum around the roles and process, providing them with tools for managing product backlogs, planning releases and sprints, tracking and reporting progress, and holding retrospectives. Contact us for more information. 

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